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Planning and Zoning Questions:
Any questions that you have on any planning and zoning items can be directed to the Zoning Administrator, Scott Pacheco, AICP at . The Zoning Administrator checks email regularly. If you would like to talk to the Zoning Administrator you may e-mail with your phone number and a brief summary of the question and you will receive a call back or may email a request to schedule a meeting. Also remember that there is a lot of helpful information on the Zoning and Planning web pages including the following information: 

Lyndon Township Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Disticts Map
Fence Handout
Accessory Structure Handout.

Zoning Permits:
Construction projects except for the project listed below require approval of a Zoning Permit from the Zoning Administrator under section 19.06 of the Zoning Ordinance. Some examples of project that require a Zoning Permit are additions, decks, fences, new accessory building (pole barns or garages), remodeling of an existing structure, re-roofing, replacement of telecommunication equipment, swimming pools, window replacement and others.

Project that do not require a Zoning Permit: 

  • Interior remodels that do not expand the building envelope, including, but not limited to, replacement of windows, doors, interior mechanical equipment, electrical, or plumbing;
  • Exterior improvements that are at least ten (10) feet from lot lines, including exterior mechanical equipment, sidewalks, or concrete or paver patios
  • Sheds and small structures (under ten (10) feet in height and under one hundred (200) square feet);
  • Roofing or siding replacement that does not expand the building envelope;
  • Grading under fifty (50) cubic yards;
  • Fences at least ten (10) feet from lot lines or agricultural fences;
  • Play equipment at least ten (10) feet from lot lines;
  • Flagpoles;
  • Temporary or window signs; or
  • Satellite dishes (under three (3) feet in diameter) or antenna for residential use. 

To expedite the zoning permit process, zoning permits may be submitted electronically for review to the following e-mail: If you cannot submit your zoning permit electronically, you may submit your plans by mail by putting them in the drop-box at the Township Offices, or by scheduling a meeting with the Zoning Administrator to drop off your plans at the Township Offices.

Once your permit information is submitted, the Zoning Administrator will review the project for compliance with the zoning regulations and make sure you have provided all the necessary information with your zoning permit materials. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted via e-mail by the Zoning Administrator and the additional information will be requested.

To help you with zoning permits. please review the links below: 

Zoning Permit Application
Zoning Permit Checklist
Fee Schedule

Once the zoning permit is ready to be issued, the Zoning Administrator will approve your permit materials.  If the Township has or can make an electronic copies of the permit material the Zoning Administrator will send your zoning permit approvals via email to you and depending if it is necessary will also send the approved zoning permit materials directly to the Chelsea Area Construction Agency (CACA).  If the permit materials are not available in an electronic format once the zoning permit is ready to be issued, the Zoning Administrator will contact you to pick up the hard copies of the approved zoning permit and materials at the Township Offices.

After you receive Zoning Permit approvals from Lyndon Township, either electronically by e-mail or by picking up the hardcopies, you will than need to work with the CACA to pull a building permit. Please contact The Chelsea Area Construction Agency by phone at (734)475-4420 or by e-mail at

Washtenaw County Public Health Department: For all New Single Family Homes (NSFH) a well and septic permit (where sewer is not available) is required prior to approval by the Township of a Zoning Permit. All additions required WCHD approval prior to approval of a Building Permit from the Chelsea Area Construction Agency (CACA). 

Washtenaw County Environmental Health Department
707 North Zeeb Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Lyndon Contact: James Glide
Phone 734-222-3831

Sewer Authorities: Prior to building any structure footprint expansion including additions, accessory structures, and decks on a property with sewer approval of the appropriate sewer authority is required. 

Multi-Lakes Sewer Authority
2088 N. Territorial Road, 
Dexter, MI 48130
Phone 734-426-979

Sylvan Township Sewer
18027 Old US-12,
Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone 734-475-8890 

Washtenaw County Road Commission: Prior to approval by Lyndon Township of a Zoning Permit for a NSFH a driveway permit is required from the WCRC.  

Washtenaw County Road Commission
555 North Zeeb Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone 734-761-1500  

Chelsea Area Construction Agency: Lyndon Township, along with Sylvan, Dexter, Lima, and Sharon Townships and the City of Chelsea, participate in the Chelsea Area Construction Agency (CACA). All building permits (construction, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and soil erosion) are issued through this agency, rather than Washtenaw County. 

 Building permits are required before starting construction for all structures regardless of use and number of acres owned. This includes such home improvements as plumbing, electrical, mechanical (heating and air conditioning), and all project that require a Zoning Permit. CACA will also perform required inspections of the work.

Chelsea Area Construction Agency
12172 Jackson Road
Dexter, MI 48130
Phone 734-475-4420


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